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About Loc-Line®

After becoming frustrated by the existing coolant hose products on the market; all of which suffered from a variety of shortcomings, Arnold Lockwood conceived the idea for the modular hose that became Loc-Line®. The shortcomings of the existing products included, metal coolant hoses that would not stay where they were positioned and plastic hoses with metal positioning rods that broke. In 1981 Lockwood Products was formed to develop and distribute Loc-Line®. The first products were shipped in August of 1983. Loc-Line® quickly became the standard for coolant delivery around the world and is easily recognized by their blue and orange colors and consistent high quality.

Loc-Line® Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Loc-Line® and its many applications. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us here.

I have Loc-Line® products, how do I tell what size I have?

Loc-Line® sizes are measured by the inside diameter at it's smallest point.

Is Loc-Line® water or leak proof?

No. Loc-Line® is designed to be leak resistant but it is not leak proof.

Is Loc-Line® safe for aquariums?

Yes the material used is safe for aquariums.

What is Loc-Line® made out of?

Loc-Line® is manufactured with a premium grade acetal copolymer material which is chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants, and most common chemicals.

How much weight can Loc-Line® hold?

There are a variety of variables that affect the Loc-Line® including temperature, angle, and weight distribution. We recommend that you test your application.

Do I need the assembly pliers?

The pliers are designed for assembly but are not required to assemble the Loc-Line® parts together. The pliers are recommended because they make assembly work quick and easy.

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Loc-line® Technical Information

Loc-Line® 1/4 inch.

Line Pressure & flow Rates: 30-50 PSI & 250 gallons per hour.

With an inside diameter of 1/4" and an outside diameter of .64", the 1/4" Loc-Line® system does well with lower flow rates.

Loc-Line® 1/2 inch.

Line Pressure & flow Rates: 20-30 PSI & 478 gallons per hour.

With an inside diameter of 1/2" and an outside diameter of .98", the 1/2" Loc-Line® system provides increased flow rates.

Loc-Line® 3/4 inch.

Line Pressure & flow Rates: 10-20 PSI & 1,140 gallons per hour.

With an inside diameter of 3/4" and an outside diameter of .64", the 3/4" Loc-Line® system is the ultimate fluid delivery option. This line is also a popular choice for photography and accessibility.

Loc-Line® 2-1/2 inch.

An amazing option for extracting dust, smoke, fumes, and particles from where they're produced. Exceptionally easy to position within a work area and can be mounted to PVC or sheet metal.

Create your own custom vacuum system by changing the length or using different nozzles. Put together your required number of elements, add a nozzle, and get started.

Loc-line® Frequent Uses

Loc-Line® as an aquarium piece.

Aquariums & Diving

Used in aquariums for return lines to direct flow. Great for underwater uses, including equipment mounting for diving applications.

Loc-Line® delivering coolant.

Coolant Delivery

Loc-Line® is the coolant delivery standard around the world and is easily recognized by their Blue and Orange colors and consistent high quality.

Loc-Line® being used to remove a dent in a car.

Automotive & Lighting

Popular with a fixed mount attached to a suction cup. The Snake Light Flexible Flashlight by Black and Decker utilizes a patented Loc-Line® design that resists popping apart.

Loc-Line® attached to a GoPro used as a flexible camera mount.

Mounting & Accessibility

The Loc-Line® system offers a fixed mount that easily attaches to a clamp for dozens of different applications.


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