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About U-Mark®

For the past 20 years U-Mark has been trusted by welders, electricians, auto workers, construction workers, farmers, mechanics, and more for their superior quality and attention to detail. U-Mark was the first company to develop xylene-free industrial markers. They were the first to produce water based acrylic markers with excellect performance, low VOC, that also used some recyclable components, and they pride themselves in using environmentally friendly paint in every one of their markers.

U-Mark® Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about U-Mark® and its many applications. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us here.

What is the benefit of using a reversible tip marker?

Reversible tip markers allow you to have the benefits of multiple marker tips without needing to purchase multiple markers.

What is the best model of marker to use for electrical and wiring work?

U-Phase® markers are the best tool for electric and wire marking. By using U-Phase® markers, electricians can mark and phase panels in seconds. A much faster and easier process than using vinyl tape, while having a much lower environmental impact.

Are U-Mark's markers environmental friendly?

Greenlabel® paints and inks are xylene-free and comply with California Prop. 65, are not part of the U.S. E.P.A. list of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and conform with E.U. RoHs Directive 2002/95/EC. U-Mark also provides replacement tips for markers that still have paint, reducing the amount of waste from unfinished markers being prematurely thrown out.

Are xylene-free liquid markers as good as regular paint markers?

U-Mark's xylene-free paint markers dry as fast as 30 seconds, are suitable for industrial purposes and resistant to water, weather, oils, and solvents. An extra bonus is that they won't have the distinctive marker odour.

My marker's tip is ruined, but there is still ink in the marker. What can I do?

If you still have paint in your markers and your marker tips are not performing, you can purchase replacement tips that allow you to continue to work without purchasing a new marker. This has the added benefit of reducing waste.

Are U-Mark's markers toxic?

U-Mark's markers are non-toxic per ASTM D 4236 and xylene-free.

Still have questions?

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Featured U-Mark® Lines

U-mark 100p black paint marker

Paint Markers

U-Mark Paint markers have become the standard for witness marking of parts, quality control and product identification. In the A series, greenlabel®, xylene-free, liquid paint technology combines safety with dependable industrial performance. Metalhead® features a steel tip and stubbornly permanent paint.

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U-mark 100p black paint marker

Ink Markers

U-Mark ink markers feature the best permanent ink available. Permanent on plastics, glass, wood, metals, porcelain, rubber, textiles and packaging materials. All models are designed for professional use, with anti-roll caps, heavy duty tips, industrial design and excellent ink flow.

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U-mark 100p black paint marker

U-Phase® Markers

Perfect for phasing of electrical panels, color coding, identifying and wiring circuits, marking computer and telephone cables, automotive wires, etc.

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U-mark 100p black paint marker

Specialty Markers

Markers for specialized professional use, from the patented U-Phase™ wire marker to detergent removable and water removable markers. U-Remove™ removes stains from washable fabrics. UV10 helps identify parts with UV light.

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U-mark 100p black paint marker

Washoff™ Markers

Auto factories worldwide use U-Mark temporary markers to identify work-in-process parts and inventory, or mark re-work items. Tips and paints have been designed to work on metal surfaces without affecting removability or the surface being marked.

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